About Gulf Aviation Georgia

We are trusted by world leading airlines for more than a decade!

The company starts its history in 2007 from construction of the most modern aviation fuelling complex and the only hydrant system in Tbilisi International Airport.

In September 2017 aviation fuelling business has been integrated into the diversified international petroleum holding – Petrocas Energy Group www.petrocasenergy.com.

Quality fuel provision is based on and supported by own full supply chain starting from long-term supply contracts with partner refineries in Greece, Egypt and Turkmenistan, own experienced ship chartering and railway forwarding, secure transshipment and storage in own Poti sea port oil terminal, and ending with quality refueling services into plane in all airports across Georgia.

Quality control is being performed on all stages of the logistical chain.

Gulf Aviation operates in 8 locations around Georgia. Major facilities are presented in Tbilisi International airport and Batumi International airport. Gulf Aviation Georgia is the owner and operator of the only and unique hydrant system in Tbilisi International Airport of Georgia.

Other locations include Kutaisi International Airport, Natakhtari airdrome, Mestia Airport, as well as the heliports of Barisakho, Kvareli and Telavi.

We provide quality aviation fuel and refueling services.