Georgian Civil Aviation Agency is the main state regulator in aviation segment. Its regulations are based on all effective requirements and standards of ICAO, ASTM, EL, API and JIG.

Civil Aviation Agency certification is mandatory for any Jet fuel refueling operator in Georgia. Company obtained Georgian Civil Aviation Agency certificate fully complies with the latest international standards.

Gulf Aviation is the only operator in Georgia which has license for refueling both Jet A-1 (DEF STAN 91-91) and TS-1 (GOST 10227) grades of jet fuel.


Petrocas Fuel Services becomes a JIG Associate Member

In 2019, Petrocas Fuel Services, a company operating in Georgia under the brand name “Gulf Aviation Georgia”, has become an associate member of the international organization Joint Inspection Group (JIG).

The Joint Inspection Group (JIG), founded in the early 1970’s, is the world-leading organization for the development of aviation fuel supply standards covering the entire supply chain for Aviation Fuels from refinery to wing-tip. Its Standards are followed by over 100-member organizations globally, operating at more than 2500 airports and supply & distribution locations in over 100 countries.

Today, JIG is represented through such prominent global brands as: Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil, Air BP, IATA, Total, and many others.

Gulf Aviation Georgia is the first company in the Caucasus region whose business cycle of storage and distribution of the jet fuel as well as aircrafts refueling is in full compliance with the standards of the above-mentioned association.