Tbilisi Storage and Refueling Complex

  • The Terminal and Hydrant System infrastructure are developed according to all international (JIG, API) safety requirements
  • Total tank capacity is 5500 m3. Tanks are painted with anti-corrosion fuel resistant paint and have floating suction system enabling fuel delivery from surface only
  • Hydrant system
    – 2.0 kilometers long Pipeline –pipes are specially designed for the operation of the hydrant system and are protected (both inside and outside) with special epoxy surface
    – Special anti-corrosion cathodic protection
    – 23 Pit Points, aircrafts are refuelled through designated dispensers
    – 2 Valve Rooms – place for regulating pipeline system. Through Valve Rooms hydrant system can be expanded further
  • Individual filtration systems produced by FASET for cars and dispensers
  • Pit cleaners specially designed to drain and clean fuel from low points according to standards
  • Own certified fuel quality control laboratory
  • Technical and Quality checks of fuel in special own laboratory according to standards

The storage infrastructure, including internal technical documentation, is in full compliance with the international requirements of IATA.

Refueling of aircraft is handled in accordance with IATA Level 2 Guidance Material on Standard Into-Plane Fuelling Procedures (Routine Fuelling).

The hydrant system (Centralized Fuelling System) operating at Tbilisi international airport ensures high efficiency fuelling. Among others, hydrant system allows large scale aircraft fuelling without the need to apply large aircraft refuellers.