New jet fuel tanker/refueller

“Petrocas Fuel Services Georgia” LLC is actively continuing to renew its transport fleet in order to
improve the company’s services at all airports. Following the company‚Äôs standardization principle, a new
refuller was added to our fleet, which like others purchased in the past years, was specially designed
according to our requirements by one of the leading American companies in this field – Proflo Industries
(“Proflo Industries LLC” is a sister company of PrimeFlight Aviation Services – the world’s largest Holding.
Since February 2024, “Proflo Industries LLC” has merged with such an industry leader as Garsite )
The refueling vehicle is equipped with a 35,000-liter stainless steel tank, the latest generation filtration
system, an overflow and fuel level control system, digital meter capable of monitoring fuel
contamination and water content, system determining jet fuel temperature and density, maximum
automatization and refueling process control.
It should be also highlighted that the new refueller fully complies with the international standards of
IATA and JIG. The main features of the jet fuel tanker/refueller are as follows:

  • Manufacturer: “Proflo Industries LLC”
  • Production date: 13 October 2023
  • Start-stop system
  • Chassis – Mercedes, model – Altego
  • Reservoir – Romarco, model – DOT 406 – stainless steel
  • Positive consumption meter with electric display and fuel delivery rate indicator according to JIG
    standard: TSC, model TSC -3000/700-35SPA2G/DMP 100 3-5
  • Fuel pump: Gorman Rupp, model – 03H1-GR
  • Fuel supply speed 1100 liters per minute
  • Fire protection systems – NFPA 407 and JIG-12 compliance
  • Ultrasonic level determination system in the reservoir and digital display
  • Double overfill protection system: “High” and “High-High” levels
  • Filter separator: FACET, model – HCS-333-1436 (according to JIG standard)